Monday, 28 March 2011

cotton and cinnamon

just thought i'd introduce to you one of my other blogs... cotton and cinnamon.

it's where i put all of my latest inspirations. so, instead of my image files getting clogged and difficult to navigate, there's one place full of beautiful images and ideas...

it's also a great place to find new blogs to read!

i hope you like it!

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

looking to next season

so, it's time for a little look at what's going on in NYFW at the moment. i've been keeping my eye closely on the runway, watching every video that's released to catch a glimpse of the trends for next season.

the more seasons that pass, the more i realise how difficult it is to be unique and create something new for the runway. 'trends' are repeated constantly from season to season, and it takes an outstanding design team to really shock and surprise me.

partly it's about the whole theme, part of it's in the detailing, and another part's in the styling. fashion on the runway should always be coming up with different combinations that look both elegant and edgy.

so far this season in NY we've seen a lot of sheer, neutral, lace, leather, fur, tights, silk - things you would expect to see in a fall season catwalk. but i have yet to be completely surprised (though the brightly colored fur at Prabal Gurung may slip into the category of surprising).

someone who has combined the fall 2011 elements in an interesting way, that's very wearable and beautiful, is the following man:

Friday, 10 December 2010

fashion is subjective.

first a definition of the word 'subjective':
belonging to, proceeding from, or relating to the mind of the thinking subject and not the nature of the object being considered

the thing about fashion is that - it is what YOU make it. you can't and should not criticise other people, because their fashion is their own, and therefore when you criticise their fashion choices, you criticise them too. fashion is incredibly personally, after all it is an extension of yourself.

the point of the wonderful online fashion world, is that there are many different people expressing many different views, and it is our job to read and enjoy them, and take little bits of inspiration from everywhere to create our own look.

with that in mind, i have created a couple of videos about my favorite blogs out there, and thought you all ought to know! the first was created summer 2009, and the second was autumn 2010...i hope to keep creating this sort of video, to let everyone know about the wonderful inspiring blogs out there ♥

and i've probably mentioned this before, but there's a wonderful Q+A section on Fashion Questions with interviews from some awesome fashion bloggers - a great place to find new people to watch...

Monday, 15 November 2010

the outcome

so after many many hours, i have finally completed my scarf! and it's received a ton of compliments already and has kept my neck very warm ♥

i'm already starting on a couple of these for Christmas presents...

Monday, 9 August 2010

the obsession continues

back last november i posted about my love for the brand toast and although i still don't actually own anything from their collection, i remain an avid admirer of it. and hope with all my heart that one day i won't see it as too expensive (although they did have a huge archive sale recently, which was affordable - although hardly anything to be found in my size, congrats to Topshop who figured that searching by size in a sale was much more pleasurable - i had spent all of my clothes budget in Paris!)

well, i receive the toast updates, which arrive in my inbox about once a week (i highly recommend these, as they'll alert you of the sales and new collections in good time)...and this week i received one about their new video that highlights their autumn / winter 2010 line. and oh my word, it's so beautiful. keep your eyes peeled for the red legwarmers and cream jumper combo in the snow - it's such perfect winter wear: cosy, fitted, muted deep colours, messy blonde hair pinned to one side - undone elegance and just proper british glamour in the most perfect way...

and so the obsession continues - maybe next year i'll save up for one of their amazing coats or a paid of ochre drop earrings, or a shirtdress, or maybe some of their jam!

Saturday, 19 June 2010

outfit of the day #2

hello lovely readers! here's my second outfit of the day video, i hope you like it...

and did it rain? no. it just threatened the whole day through, now that's proper english weather!

Monday, 14 June 2010

outfit of the day #1

yes, i've started doing ootd videos. i thought it would be really fun, and a great way to get a little more creative with my outfits! so far so good, but i'd love your input - are there specific outfits you'd like to see, say for a particular occasion or event? or have you got any style questions you want answered, or a specific item or accessory you'd like to see me style up?