Sunday, 29 March 2009

London Style

So I went to London yesterday evening, and oh my word! I love London so much...I wish I lived there.

Me and my family went to Garbo's, a Swedish restaurant that serves amazing food! I had avocado and prawns to start, followed by Swedish salmon with dill potatoes. Yum! We had a Princessetorte for dessert, its the most tasty birthday cake has layers of sponge, with cream between....its probably more cream than anything else actually :) it has marzipan topping, and this one had marzipan roses on too!

I always find it difficult to decide on what to wear to London, so I just wore a grey dress I had from Gap, a green wrap cardigan from Topshop, leggings (again from Topshop) and some cute flat petrol suede boots from Clarks.

I kind of wish I had worn something more dressy, but at least I was comfortable! Turns out we didn't even walk that much, so I could've worn heels, but never mind.

We drove past so many amazing stores, which I so wish I could have gone in. Plus, a whole bunch of places that I have never properly visited. Like Big Ben, the Palace, Hyde Park...and I wish I could stay at the Dorchester one time (it is at its cheapest £215 per night, and thats without tax too).

It was not so exciting to go to London when there were so many tourists, as the style ratings drop way down. Its goodbye to the super heights of couture and hello jeans, trainers and pac-a-macs.

Well, at least the views didn't disappoint. The view from Waterloo Bridge is incredible! I wish the taxi had been going slower so I could have properly looked at it. I think I need to spend a week in London to do everything I haven't done yet (it's going to be a lot of fun deciding on outfits to take with me for that!)

Anyways, if you haven't been for a while, then just go. There's such an amazing vibe there, it is truly worth every moment of your time!

Thursday, 26 March 2009

ASOS bags....and a bit of Lulu.

I am loving the bags you can buy on Asos at the moment, so this is an ode to them. There are many, many , many gorgeous bags on there, so check them out....

Bags are an important part of any outfit. At the moment I am carrying a Marks and Spencer grey quilted tote, which gets so many compliments and goes with absolutely every outfit. I only seem to change my bag every time I buy a new one, or need one in a different size. The bags are usually BIG, but I do have a small saddle bag (again from M&S!) and some cute clutches.

My latest bag purchase - apart from the grey marksies one - is an absolutely fabulous Lulu Guinness clutch, which was an absolute bargain.

Thursday, 19 March 2009

What's In My Bag...

There are so many fashionable Youtubers out there who are sharing the contents of their bag with you! It so interesting to see what other people have in their bag, and although sometimes it seems like bragging, it is genuinely intriguing to find out what things others use on a day to day basis.

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Summer Sandal Dilemma

Hiya readers,

So, the new Next directory for Summer 2009 has come online, and so as a dutiful shopper, I browsed through the entire selection.

There's so much stuff in there that I want this season, I am torn between two pairs of almost identical black skinny jeans, one pair are ankle grazers (am not sure if being nearly 6" means that the cropped look should look amazing or hideous?!)

The next question is between all of the different pretty sandals they have in stock. All totally gorgeous, and given I am travelling to both Greece and Italy in about two months time, I need to be prepared. As well as taking my Birkenstocks and some Accessorize black flip-flops - the only place to buy flip flops from in my opinion - I thought some pretty sandals might be in order.

But...which ones to buy?

There are the incredibly cute gold T-bar strapped ones, which would glam anything up, wouldn't they?

And then, there's the white pair of patent jewelled sandals, which just seem to say stylish, chic and WEAR ME!

Go onto the Next website to see about a million other pairs of shoes which are all fabulous, and the heels this season are incredible as well!

Friday, 13 March 2009

Asos Charm Necklace

This is totally gorgeous, and will go with any outfit. Super stylish and very uptown. Perfect to pair with a very minimal outfit, something monochrome, or just one simple block colour. Its so cute, it would probably go with anything. I love Asos for lots of unique finds, for different clothing styles too.

Teaming it with a black jumpsuit would be so on trend. As well as some chunky black heels, in mock croc. Or how about mixing it with a black wrap dress and big leather boots for winter, as well as a pair of cable knit wrist warmers (I got mine from Jack Wills, preppy and a sexy colour).

Don't forget some light day makeup, as this bold statement necklace needs some definite contouring and defining. A little bit of kohl eyeliner, some foundation, Nars blush and glossy lip balm.

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Taylor Momsen Celeb Style

I keep seeing pictures everywhere of Gossip Girl's Taylor Momsen looking super trendy.

She seems to love a rock chic kind of look, mixing flirty with hardcore. A bit of leather with a bit of chiffon. She has gorgeous hair too, which is why she always looks totally up-to-date. If you want such a chic look, get a good edgy haircut with a fab colour. Oh, and don't forget the eyeliner and some nude lip gloss which are her staple makeup essentials it seems!

Janet Mayer/PR Photos

This outfit that she wore to the Fall 2009 Fashion Week in NYC was amazing. The shoe boots are awesome, and I love that she is always out with her gorgeous pale skin, not wearing loads of fake tan like some celebs. I would be so worried about wearing this dress though, not only is it super expensive, but its white...a recipe for disaster. Well done Taylor for not ruining your dress!

The fashion week front row were all amazingly styled and preened this year. Its great that its always cold at Fashion Week so they can layer up, and have so many more style options to choose from. I am completely in love with winter generally, as its such a chance for hats, gloves, coats, cardigans, and my favorite thing!

Monday, 9 March 2009

Current Loves

These Marni sandals are so gorgeous that they needed their own set. These trendy shoes are my total love of the moment, and paired with a vintage print dress and an up-town pussybow coat, I think these shoes get what they Wowee, this outfit is expensive, but you can totally recreate this look from the highstreet, just keep an eye out for slinky fabrics and clever prints that look more expensive than they are!

current loves

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Thursday, 5 March 2009

My Manoush

My-Wardrobe are a serious favorite of mine, and they just got in stock this gorgeous dress by Manoush. The Jardin de Eden print is fun, and timeless. I love the way they styled in simply with some gold flat sandals and some aviators. It gives this girly look a bit of sophistication and serious style power.
I can't wait to try this on, and take it with me on holiday as the perfect cover up, city seeing outfit.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

First Fashion

Hi readers!

Its great to be starting a new fashion blog, I can't wait to post regularly and keep you updated with my favorite trends. I will be posting some great pictures and videos hopefully, including some images of my favourite clothes, new purchases and key looks for different seasons.

In my spare time I write for different websites and publishers, as well as shopping and travelling, of course!

I hope you like my posts, and you get inspired by them.