Thursday, 18 June 2009

i love the sales

i went shopping yesterday. i wasn't supposed to...but i couldn't resist. clothing store bay trading closed yesterday, and all its stock was super reduced, like super reduced.

for only £7.50 (!!!!!!!) i bought these 4 things, which should have cost me £80:

oh and the very reason i went into town: my prescription sunglasses, which means i can now see in the sun without having to wear contact lenses. they're wimbledon frames, which are simple, classic and chic (in my opinion!)


  1. Bay Trading are closing? Everywhere? Aw man, I used to love that shop! Great finds though, & so cheap! Loving that blue playsuit & agreed on the wimbledons!

  2. 7.50! What a steal. That first romper and earrings are gorgeous. And those glasses are definetly very chic