Sunday, 14 June 2009

what i wore today...stourhead.

finally, a proper outfit post! mum and i went to stourhead, and it was absolutely beautiful. stunning.

part of this national trust property was used to film pride and prejudice with keira knightley, you know the scene where elizabeth and mr darcy get all angry with each other and he tells her that he loves her. its raining and its beautiful.

we finished the day with strawberries in the car. yum yum yum.

today i wore: h&m dress worn as skirt, topshop vest, zara cardigan, topshop leggings, m&s bag, accessorize belt, f&f shoes


  1. Wow I love your bag & the pattern on that dress/shirt is just lovely. Mmm strawberries, the summer is here!

  2. Love your blog! Exchange links?

    <3 xx

  3. Your outfit is fabulous and the setting is completely magnificent! The floral skit looks so good with all the tree in the background. :)