Friday, 31 July 2009

Cape Town, South Africa

Hi everyone! I'm in South Africa! i hope you are all well and feeling good.

It's really beautiful here! We have enjoyed a city tour as well as a tour of the winelands :) we drank 17 different kinds of wine, and were a little tipsy coming back to our hotel. thank goodness for some excellent tour guides who know everything about this amazing place!

there's some delicious food and an amazingly large shopping centre on the V&A waterfront, which is where i'm writing this to you from...

there's a million different roadworks and building works being done for next years 2010 world cup that's taking place here. it makes getting a taxi twice as expensive (though it's still cheap) because of the number of diversions.

anyway, Franschhoek and Stellenbosch were really beautiful, with amazing architecture and the surrounding mountains are a stunning backdrop.

anyway, the style here is very european, and this mall has a havaianas shop that i'm just about to go and raid. those turqouise flip flops will be mine.

the picture is taken from the pretty bo kaap area, and you can see half of table mountain on the right...

Thursday, 16 July 2009

next's new autumn line

I love Next!

My favourite things about any of their season collections are the shoes, boots and jeans. Their jeans fit me perfectly, even the skinnies, so I think I'm up for a couple of pairs this coming autumn. Plus this time they have a whole range of different leggings, and I love the denim ones.

The chunky black ankle boots with studs are a slightly more feminine version of DMs which is definitely a good thing. And their runway collection blue and black suede peep toes are t.d.f!

Oh, and they have this black dress which is quite utility (it's in the central part of the picture). It looks like the perfect layering dress :)

Check it out at

Sunday, 12 July 2009

brighton and birthday

sorry its been a while since my last post, but so much has happened since my brother came home! the last week i've been in brighton at a conference, which was awesome...really really good :)

we went for walks on the beach and did some shopping in between meetings. the shopping in Brighton is AMAZING. no jokes. its a really good mix of designer, vintage, individual and highstreet. i fell in love with a brand called people tree, its an ethical clothing store with some simple shapes, with organic, fairtrade materials. check it out, its gorgeous.

my friend took this picture of me in front of the brighton pier, the old one. i kinda like the funky close up angle, but i have realised how much i dislike my old sunglasses. it has been my personal mission for the last week to find a new pair i really like (ones without prescription lenses).

and then i had my birthday, which was a fun time. i was so tired from the week in brighton though that i was a little cranky (not usual for me. i'm not good with being tired.) i had a couple of friends round in the evening and we watched "bride wars", entertaining but not amazing.

then i watched "from dusk til dawn" today, which is an amazing movie, with a totally unexpected twist. watch it if you haven't seen it and are in for some hilarious horror comedy :)

yesterday i did a little shopping and found my new glasses. wayfarers, in fact, from john lewis. and i bought this shrug from republic. my necklaces were a birthday gift from an incredibly fashionable friend of mine.

Monday, 6 July 2009

out for a bit of a dance

I went out with some of my friends for a bit of a dance and a drink this weekend. it was so much fun! we went shopping the day after, and did some good sales shopping. i will post pics of my new purchases soon!

This is a pic of me in the Jack Wills changing rooms, which were beautiful! i didn't buy anything there though...i can't decide whether i love everything there or the opposite...hmm.

It was a really good weekend...and i am back with more posts for you! thanks to all of those of you who have subscribed, it makes me smile :)

Thursday, 2 July 2009

my brother's home!

at least for two weeks my brother is home from Morocco, for a holiday. :) i haven't seen him since february so i was so glad to see him again when he got back yesterday!

people say that we look alike. they also say that he looks like prince harry. hmm. i say they are probably both true. what do you reckon?

what i'm wearing: topshop dress(ebay), h&m leggings, accessorize flip-flops