Thursday, 16 July 2009

next's new autumn line

I love Next!

My favourite things about any of their season collections are the shoes, boots and jeans. Their jeans fit me perfectly, even the skinnies, so I think I'm up for a couple of pairs this coming autumn. Plus this time they have a whole range of different leggings, and I love the denim ones.

The chunky black ankle boots with studs are a slightly more feminine version of DMs which is definitely a good thing. And their runway collection blue and black suede peep toes are t.d.f!

Oh, and they have this black dress which is quite utility (it's in the central part of the picture). It looks like the perfect layering dress :)

Check it out at


  1. What a fabulous line! I love the layering pieces :D

    Lovely blog you have! I will make sure to check back ^_^

  2. They have cute booties!
    Re your comment: Yeah, I do tenor drumming.

  3. That middle dress is lovely. I always go in to Next, giving them another chance & I'm always disappointed... Maybe I should try online, those colorful pumps are rather awesome.