Tuesday, 4 August 2009


Hi everyone! I am in Sydney now...well actually slightly further north in Erina. Its beautiful and warm, even in winter. Watched some pelican feeding in The Entrance today...

And then went to Copacabana...and I wrote this in the sand for everyone to read. Silly moment. But cute eh? That was also the day I wore my Topshop sweater that says I Love You on it. People do look at me strangely...

We went to Haven Beach in Terrigal for fish and chips. And then I went out and checked out the surfers on Manly Beach. Loads of them.


  1. Welcome to Sydney! (I am from the south side but have friends up near Manly.) You've arrived when we are having some particularly lovely winter's days.

    (Not sure if I've commented before but found your blogs via your youtube videos.)

    Have fun!

  2. I am about to reveal my ignorance. I thought Manly Beach was a joke. .__. It would have been funny... manly men at a beach.