Wednesday, 30 September 2009

i'm stuck

I've been stuck these past few weeks without a working camera. How much does that suck? So, instead of taking lots of beautiful photographs of the things I bought on my trip round the world, you will just have to wait patiently whilst I talk about what I am currently doing with my life...

So, now is definitely a good time to tell you all how much I appreciate you reading this, and for following me too. It makes me so happy!

Some of you will have some sort of an idea who I am and what I do, but I reckon most of you probably don't really have much of a clue. So, let me fill you in.

I graduated university a year ago now, with a degree in Drama Studies. After finishing I went and got some experience teaching in schools, where I realised that I hated yelling at kids. Not so good for an aspiring teacher. Ok, so rethink. How about some one-on-one maths tuition, yep, tick, I can do that, start up a new business! So, I've been tutoring maths for the past year now, and I love it. It's so much easier telling off one child at a time.

Then I thought how awesome it would be to become a beauty therapist. So, I've been taking a class for the past 9months, and am learning about all things to do with beauty, skincare....I've got a few more courses to go, before I can get my certificate.

Since I've come back from round the world, I find myself hopelessly short on cash, which is sad, but true. So, I've put beauty course on suspend until I can afford to continue, how depressing is that. Anyway, in the mean time, I'm taking on a few more students and building some websites, to keep me busy during the day. Check out and let me know what you think! Some lovely bloggers have been kind enough to answer questions for the site, which are really interesting :)

I'm keeping busy at home, trying out new things, and setting goals for the future. Working from home does take it's toll on you though. It's incredibly difficult to keep motivated. It's like writing an essay or doing a paper in your bedroom vs at many things to distract me, and my phone never stops ringing. I don't have my own office, so I sit at the dining table trying so hard to write something and just generally work, but it's not always so easy.

Hopefully I'll have a working camera soon, so you guys can see all the amazing things I bought round the world. Plus, I'm working on some sewing projects which I'm eager to share with you guys (has anyone else ever tried to recreate an urban outfitters skirt?)

Keep reading...xoxo

Monday, 21 September 2009

fall09 reflections of the past

as has everyone else, i've lately been checking out the spring summer 2010 runways. who isn't?

but instead of getting me all excited for the future, which it has don't get me wrong, i've been thinking back to the fall collections for inspiration for the cold months ahead (there's at least 8 of them!)

i also think its strange how when i go back over all the photos that i saved from previous seasons, i don't love everything i loved 6 months ago. i know that makes sense, because personal style is always evolving, but its definitely interesting. some of the looks i saved now seem really boring because everyone has been wearing them for the last few months, and others seem stupid because no-one is.

i went through all the photos of all the runways and saved my favorites to show you guys. i actually printed them out on photo paper and stuck them to my wall for inspiration.

i am definitely going to have to buy some knee high socks and start wearing them, before that becomes a big high street trend, and everyone is wearing them...and i can't decide about the whole fur debate (not faux vs real; it would always be faux for me). i'm not sure that anyone should wear it? and if they do how it doesn't look tacky. help me out on this one...

anyways, moving on. these aquascutum ensembles are so gorgeous i can't even say.

the dsquared2 collection made me want to yell YEESS! It was so spot on. And 100% wearable. I want the twins to dress me always.

marc by marc jacobs was so heritage. the prints were divinely vintage inspired. the hats were cute. i want to live in outfits like these this winter.

others worth mentioning:
- anna sui was every bit the rock and roll legend as always, though this time with feathery beanies
- michael kors neutral dress with tan accessories. the neckline was divine.
- nanette lepore - this designer does not get enough respect. perfect colors, perfect lines.
- rodarte - AMAZING. its actually wearable art.
thanks to for all the photos and perfect inspirational browsing...

Thursday, 17 September 2009

new york city, new york

as soon as we touched down in jfk i could feel my heart racing that little bit faster! then when i saw the lights of manhattan i swear my heart jumped out of my chest. i took a picture to commemorate the event, but this is what it came out like:

it's a cool picture nonetheless though right?

we arrived at our hotel (we stayed at Hotel Beacon, which was awesome and well priced) and couldn't believe the view out of our window. you can see central park in front, and downtown to the right.

we had really good weather for being touristy, not too hot and not too cold, and it only rained on our last day. how good was it that we were there for fashion week too? amazing right...?

we were only in new york for 2 days, so we thought it was better to get an overview of the city, so that when we came back we'd know where everything is, and really be able to get into the proper new york mode, and feel like a local. so we got tourist bus tickets and did the downtown loop the first day, and uptown the next. it was great to see all the districts, go to statue of liberty and up the empire state building.

we went out to starbucks every day, here i am drinking a chocolate and banana smoothie with a shot of green tea matcha.

and i got super excited when i saw movie trailers everywhere. our bus driver yelled at the crew top ask what they were filming at the plaza, and they yelled back 'sex and the city'. woohoo! we saw so many white lorries everywhere, its no wonder that new yorkers get used to celebrities.

we went in a little bit of the park. buti still need to sail a boat, lie on strawberry fields and skate in an ice rink. i just have to.

if you get the chance to go to new york, go to Gray's Papaya. some seriously good hotdogs are sold here. they're grilled here, rather than the boiled ones you get on the street, and a gray's will only cost you $1.50 each.

this is the entrance for fashion week in bryant park. paparazzi everywhere, plus glamour were giving away free cupcakes when we were there, so i ate a chocolate one. there's such a buzz.

so in conclusion, i think that new york is awesome. my favorite city in the world so far. for sure. it's just so good. it's not as busy and crowded as you might think. it doesn't smell bad. and yes it's noisy, but it's really quiet in central park. there are amazing views everywhere, healthy food, amazing shops EVERYWHERE and some genuinely nice people with cool accents (there seem to be too, one i really don't like that's really snooty and the other i love - the one that sounds like Joey from Friends)

i super can't wait to go back and actually SEE new york. i will have to go for at least a week, so I can feel like i've done stuff. i want to go to magnolia bakery, see a show on broadway, shop til i can't physically carry anything else, catch a yellow taxi (it's a crime i didn't do that this time I know), see the Met, Moma and Mets, read books in the Library, buy books in Barnes and Noble, then try on shoes in Bergdorf Goodman, and have my hair cut and colored somewhere super expensive, stay in the Waldorf Astoria and go to Dean & Deluca.

i miss you new york. can't wait to see you soon. xoxo

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

san francisco!

san francisco is a really cool city. it's very chilled and a great place to go out for a meal - they have a ridiculous amount of good restaurants and cafes, as well as Bristol Farms, but lets go into that later.

on our first day in SF we went on a tour of the city with Gray Line, which was not that great, but it did mean we actually got to drive through most of the districts...including Haight Ashbury, Castro, Chinatown, SoMa...and of course the Golden Gate Bridge.

on mission and dolores. totally one of the coolest streets in the whole of SF. if i had to choose somewhere to live it would be here.

going up the twin peaks, for a view of the clouds.

now i honestly thought that these were only in movies, and only super cool schools had them, but...i was so happy to see them EVERYWHERE!

i think you all know what this is...

the trams in SF are cool, although the actual tram lines have a ridiculous long queue...why wait 3 hours to get on? its cool to see the dudes turning the cars though, and there's always something going on in the square by where they turn (near the massive shopping centre on Market street)

So, in conclusion, I loved SF. I wish we'd had more money to do more stuff there would have been awesome to go to the Napa valley and to take a long drive in a VW campervan down to LA (now i'm just getting carried away). But seriously I would love to go back there and see more of California, and go to the places with awesome names like Eureka and Sausalito. LOL.

Oh, and I would seriously hop on a plane just for Bristol Farms, where I had some amazing chilli and sourdough. Which happens to be located in one of the (if not THE) biggest shopping centre in the US.

Bring on the big apple!

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

aloha hawaii

Hawaii was a pretty cool place to be, it's very hot and it's very holiday so many hotels and chain restaurants. I must admit that it was a big shock coming into Honolulu from Fiji, as the two are parallel opposites in terms of what kind of holiday you can have.

Honolulu is very commercial and mostly full of ugly concrete 90s buildings, not many redeeming features. But, there are some definite plus points: the Ala Moana shopping centre, all the top brands you could want to shop at ever (honestly, from Forever 21 to Chanel it has everything!), and fireworks and entertaining on Waikiki Beach.

Go to the north of Oahu however and you will find some really pretty (and not fake) beaches with great surf and a chilled atmosphere. I could totally holiday there. Especially as it's near Fumi's, the amazingly tasty shrimp farm...get the butter and garlic shrimp for $12, its the best takeaway shrimp ever I promise.

Then the East coast is a total movie area...think Jurassic Park and 50 First Dates. There's beaches everywhere and they are so proud of all the locations that films have been shot. Go to the Macadamia Nut Farm and gardens and taste some of the delish macadamia nut coffee, as well as the cinnamon roasted nuts. Mmmmm. And try some noni lotion if you haven't yet...

I was well looking forward to New York at this point, and checking out mainland USA...bring it on!

Monday, 14 September 2009

fiji fiji fiji

i was so sad to leave australia, but it had to be done...fiji was calling!

i had an amazing time in fiji! it is such a beautiful place, with really lovely, friendly people :) we did so many cool things, and saw some gorgeous sunsets...really really stunning.

actually the evening that we landed we saw this gorgeous sunset on the beach in newtown:

we went to a little island called south sea can walk around it in 5 minutes. i snorkelled off the beach over the reef and saw some spectacularly colorful fish. and we had a barbeque lunch and relaxed in the sunshine.

we went down to the coral coast and went horseback riding on the beach. it was amazing because the beach was almost totally empty...really tranquil and calm.

we were told to go to the local mud pool, and so we was difficult to find, but worth the effort. the sabeto hot springs are beautiful! i covered myself in mud and then washed off properly in the spring outlets. how relaxing :)

if you ever get the chance to go to fiji, don't say no!