Friday, 29 May 2009


I am posting this from a little internet cafe in Paros, Greece. Its such a beautiful place, and reminds me a lot of Sweden at times.

We went up to a little beach called Santa Maria this morning, which was breathtaking. The greek islands are quite touristy, but less so at this time of year.

We started our journey in Athens, which I was totally disappointed with to start, but at one point we took a left and everything got more beautiful and so much more impressive (cleaner too...nice!)

We then flew to Santorini, and stayed in Oia overnight. It was beautiful, and the sunset was spectacular. But, there were still too many tourists at even this remoter part of the island.

From there we took a ferry to Folegandros, my favourite island so far. It is small, but full of lovely local people, and some really delicious food. Our hotel was super amazing, with a gorgeous view and luxurious pool. One of the days we rented a quad bike and went round the whole island. Scary at times, because to get to any beaches there is quite a descent...

We are now in Paros, from here we will go back to Santorini to fly to Athens, where we will stay for a few days before heading back to England. Hopefully we will go to see the Parthenon up close...its still impressive from miles away.

I have loved trying all the different foods on offer here. So many delicious things to eat. The only thing I haven't plucked up the courage to eat yet is octopus...maybe tongiht. I will let you know!

Thursday, 21 May 2009

ebay finds...

These were my ebay finds. Unfortunately the topshop shorts are too small...but everything else is super cute. i will be wearing the innocence dress as a nightie probably because its a smidge too small, what with me being sooo tall and all.

by far the best bargain is the levi's skirt, so nice. i can wear that all times of year, with anything. +it fits like a glove.

there's still a couple of things to come in the post. but they won't be arriving now til after I get back from Greece! I leave tonight, how exciting!

we are heading around the greek islands santorini, foleghandros and paros as well as going to athens. WOW! i look forward to showing you some photos of me on holiday!

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

pre-travel shopping list

If you can read this, well done. These are my scrawly notes written super fast whilst I tried to remember everything I had to do that day. And now, I am going to have to do the same for tomorrow...

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

american apparel, i love you

can you find me one person that does not love american apparel? i've only ever met people that don't know what it is...

the perfect basics. always chic and stylish. wear it with pride. i can't wait til my skirt comes in the post!

i love looking at their "coming soon" section to see what the new stuff is going to be. Right now there's a printed nylon tricot tank dress that looks gorgeous. And the stores too...they are soo colourful, and its super easy to find everything. The first time I ever went to one it was in Cologne (Koln) and I was so excited to go in there. I still am.

i adore that they have an organics range too, how eco friendly! its pretty basic stuff on there, but maybe the range will increase with time.

and one day the circle vest in galaxy will be mine..

Sunday, 17 May 2009

carried away with ebay...

i am totally addicted to ebay again. its one of those things. i have zilch money, so i reckon that maybe i'll spend less if i buy stuff on ebay, and I do. but because i buy so much i think i probably spend as much as i would regularly. but i do get waaaaayyy more for that money.

i only hope that the stuff arrives before i head off to greece this week. i bought a bunch of dresses and some cute necklaces....and come cardigans and an american apparel skirt. oh dear. i can only hope that they fit, or that they're too big so I can take them in.

anyway, i will give you some pictures when it arrives, hopefully!

current blog loves:
chic heroin
fashion on edge
happy because

meanwhile if anyone knows of any amazing cheap vintage/thrift stores in the south of the uk, please let me know! i am dying to find a gem somewhere so I can shop shop shop (not that ebay isn't enough!)

i am really trying to use my sewing machine more and more, but I don't seem to be getting far. i need some nice fabric, and some excellent buttons and trimmings. i spy a trip to London coming. the little S town has only one fabric shop, which is really only made for making curtains or pillow cases.

Saturday, 16 May 2009

italian markets are shoe heaven!

I have just come back from holiday, and it was so exciting to be in Italy again! Its such a beautiful place, and the style is seriously trendy.

Most of the holiday was spent laying by the pool reading or trying to dunk my brother under the water. Which is near impossible because he's so hench.
Anyways, I think the stuff that I did end up packing was pretty good. Check out the video of that on Youtube. There were a couple of things that it would have been good to have with me though.

A strapless bra would have been brilliant, as well as another pair of linen trousers and some extra shorts. More dressy dresses would have been a bonus, as I didn't feel smart enough at dinner time. A hat would have been excellent to keep my head from burning, but I still can't find one that I really love...

There was only one day that we were allowed to go shopping in nearby Siena. And I was weirdly enough the only person not to buy anything. Apart from a postcard to my mum. I am remarkably short of money at the moment, especially with all the holidays.

BUT. My sister-in-law and I went to the market, which turned out to be this huge shoe fest really. Serious rows of shoes and handbags at amazing prices too. Unfortunately the italians don't really have many size 8s, so I gave up quite quickly on looking. But my sister-in-law was determined to find some lace up heels. And found some gorgeous ones too.

After checking out the market and the Duomo, which was truly spectacular, we met up with my sister-in-laws family, some of who had gone to Il Ponti Pelletteria and bought themselves some fantastic bags. A turqouise crocodile handbag was my favorite. Stunning. It would go with anything.

Of course the other truly inspirational thing about Italy, apart from the views, are the Vespas. Oh how I love them! Check them out + all the accessories too on the Vespa website.

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Bento Lunchbox Love

Ok. So I have just discovered the most beautiful things. Bento Lunchboxes!

I have found these on ebay at Blueberry Land , Sweet Deals and Yingka in a whole bunch of different colours. They do cute straps and thermo bags for them as well. I think I need to start a collection.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

To Beanie or Not to Beanie?

I am currently trying to decide what to wear to the airport on Saturday, and its so difficult to decide. I want to be comfortable, yet stylish. Don't want to spend ages taking my shoes off and customs, as well as not wearing too much with metal so I bleep when I go through the detectors.

My cousin suggested taking an oversized beanie, so I can look ultra-chic and have a warm head too. This makes sense for an early morning too, as it will make me feel like I am still in bed. But somehow it doesn't seem to say I am going on holiday somewhere nice and warm, does it?

So, the other option is a shemagh (square scarf) and an alice band. This is perhaps more suitable for a sunny summer holiday...So this is what I will go for I reckon. Keep checking back to see what I went for.
Meanwhile, here's some queries about which hat to get...please leave me a comment and let me know which one you prefer.

Friday, 1 May 2009


I have just found this amazingly cheap website, after it was mentioned on Gok Wan's Fashion Fix the other evening. Here are a few of my favorite things:

Oh my word, and pretty much all of these things are under £30 too!!!

The shoe selection is intense, beautiful and varied. So on trend, they have patent peep-toe sling backs, 3-inch buckled strappy trainers and 5 inch studded gladiators. It makes me wish I was shorter. But, having said that, they have some fantastic flats, in loads of bright colours and metallics too.

Their sunglass selection is to die for. Every current copycat look you could want, retro, wayfarers, oval frame, neon, large frame, oversize, aviators, sqaure frame, each pair is only £8.

I love their leggings as well. Snow wash, wet look and rayoi print are the ones on my wish list right now.

I have not ordered from them yet, but they are sure to get some money out of me in the not too distant future.

(Oh, and I forgot to mention the 75% off sale they have at the moment!)