Tuesday, 30 June 2009

i love dresses, yes i do

dresses are the ultimate feminine, sexy clothing choice, yes?

i have been trying and trying to build up a collection of dresses over the past i-don't-know-how-long. and i'm not doing a bad job! i've got 2 dresses coming in the post from ebay :)

go and check out my video about my dress collection, where i show everyone a bunch of dresses from my wardrobe! if you like my channel, please subscribe, its totally free, and would mean a lot :)
this was going to be a post about all the different bloggers i read daily, and my favorite "dresses" posts, but i started browsing and stopped at strawberry koi, who has the best taste in dresses ever. so i figured i didn't need to go anywhere else. plus i spent all my time browsing through her photos, and lost track of time, so there wasn't time to look at anyone elses!

aya at strawberry koi rocks vintage on her amazing blog. all the photos are gorgeous, and its such a great blog to read as well.

Saturday, 27 June 2009

what i wore + what i'm listening to...

diamond rings - chipmunk
bulletproof - la roux
shake it - metro station
heavy cross - gossip
new in town - little boots
untouched - the veronicas
release me -agnes
i sing i swim - seabear
musicology - the funk groove connection
bluebird of happiness - mojave 3

there's my top 10 songs for june!

Bay Skirt, Jones B Shoes, Primark T, Hat via Ebay, Accessorize Earrings, Random Bracelet, Buxton Bag

Thursday, 25 June 2009

summer workday outfit

i know its boring. but, this is what i wore to work today! it was so so soo hot.

Wimbledon Sunglasses, Accessorize Flip-Flops, Topshop Linen Trousers, Jack Wills T, DKNY Watch, Vintage Carnelian Necklace

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

catwalk style

ok. so i still can't decide on my favorite collection from the aw09 catwalks. its tooooo difficult. here's some more of my favorites:

Tracy Reese - i love this collection for its knee length socks and its mix of silk and wool. oh and the cute little beanies.

Vivienne Westwood - she is fashion. a little crazy at time, but her draping is insanely good, and i love the big messy hair that went down the catwalk.

Akris - dresses + tights = love. plus the entire collection was a gorgeous array of chocolate, black and wine colours.

Balmain - rock chic all the way. so much sparkly black went down the catwalks this season, but i love how balmain did it

DKNY - red and lots of it. structured tailoring all the way.

Chloe - its like vintage couture. beautiful colours and amazing cuts. a lot more hardcore than chloe usually is.

let me know which is your favorite...

can i change my mind?

i actually think i prefer the matthew williamson aw09 show to carolina herrera, the details are stunning. I love the dresses in the middle of the video, which have a central silver panel, and a bodycon style. put you hands up if you wish you could afford anything from this collection...

carolina herrera aw09

Absolutely stunning right?
Carolina's shows are always elegant and feminine, and she always improves. Loads of silk, fur, sparkle, cinched waists, 1940s references, chic updos, cigarette pants, dresses, neutral makeup, tailoring, intensely deep colours and black tights.

june topshop loves

I trawled the entire Topshop website, and this is everything I love on there at the moment. I wish I could buy all of it. That would be an amazing wardrobe reshuffle!

Sunday, 21 June 2009

jumpsuit style

i love this jumpsuit so much. i was really hesitant when i first got it, as it's quite a statement for me, but after wearing it for a day, and walking the dog in it...i really do love it! its super comfortable, it feels like wearing pjs. i'm going to have to experiment with what i wear with it though, as loads of my stuff just looks plain strange with it :)

Oh, and if you can't remember where it's from, check my previous post about sale shopping! bargain (it was only £2!)

Hope you all had great weekends!

wedding + anniversary

i went to 2 b.e.a.uitful occasions yesterday. celebrations of love. the first was a wedding, and the second a wedding anniversary. in order to look spectacularly appropriate, i wore this yellow dress ensemble.

great plains dress, accessorize belt, red herring cardigan, bay earrings, f&f ballerinas, next brown ring, matalan flower ring

here's a picture of my super stylish cousin. oh my word. i didn't manage to get a full length shot of her, but i can promise you it was super trendy! her hair was really beautiful too. (keep telling yourself alissa: i'm not jealous, i'm not jealous, i'm not jealous)

my cousin wore: topshop dress, urban outfitters cardigan (that she borrowed from her boyfriend), dorothy perkins flower hair grips, handmade necklace

Friday, 19 June 2009

a walk with odin

Odin is my brothers dog, he's a super cute chocolate brown cocker spaniel, but being flown out to Morocco soon... :(

I took him for a huge run around one of our favorite places nearby, an old settlement/fort, with gorgeous views of the countryside.

he's now in need of a bath, because he ran in so much long grass its got stuck to his coat. he was so worn out, he was breathing really heavily. its nice for dogs to get so much exercise. plus he met up with a couple of other dogs and had a good sniff on the way round.

i took my lovely wimbledons on the walk too :)

it was a gorgeous morning, and the sun was in both blue sky and clouds, on and off. there was a small breeze because the place is quite high up...it was relaxing.

next shoes, topshop leggings, next dress, new look jacket, m&s bag, wimbledon sunglasses

Thursday, 18 June 2009

i love the sales

i went shopping yesterday. i wasn't supposed to...but i couldn't resist. clothing store bay trading closed yesterday, and all its stock was super reduced, like super reduced.

for only £7.50 (!!!!!!!) i bought these 4 things, which should have cost me £80:

oh and the very reason i went into town: my prescription sunglasses, which means i can now see in the sun without having to wear contact lenses. they're wimbledon frames, which are simple, classic and chic (in my opinion!)

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

online vintage shopping

I recently saw a post by Isabelle at Bohemian Musings, which lead me to Spanish Moss Vintage. All of the clothes on their site are beautiful, as well as unique. And not ludicrously expensive either...check them out.

Sunday, 14 June 2009

what i wore today...stourhead.

finally, a proper outfit post! mum and i went to stourhead, and it was absolutely beautiful. stunning.

part of this national trust property was used to film pride and prejudice with keira knightley, you know the scene where elizabeth and mr darcy get all angry with each other and he tells her that he loves her. its raining and its beautiful.

we finished the day with strawberries in the car. yum yum yum.

today i wore: h&m dress worn as skirt, topshop vest, zara cardigan, topshop leggings, m&s bag, accessorize belt, f&f shoes

Saturday, 13 June 2009

macaroons...french style

So, on Thursday, which was supposed to be a working day, I went shopping with my mum. We stopped for tea and pastries in a cute french style cafe. Yum.

I got a delicious cherry pastry, and mum had an apricot danish. Both so delicious :)

I decided that it was about time I tried a macaroon, and so I bought two. One pistachio macaroon, and one raspberry. There were 95p each, bargain! I was not disappointed, I love everything with almonds in it!

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

h&m dressing room

i love h&m. i went on their website for a quick browse, and found the dressing room again. unfortunately there are fewer things on the site, but you can edit your person, so it looks like you, and you can see what different things look like.

of course its no substitute for actually being in a dressing room, but it is fun :)

I went to matalan yesterday too. and there were a lot of shoes that were absolutely amazing. after my neutral shoes post, i found two gorgeous pairs of neutrals. Each pair of shoes cost between £16 and £20. Wowee!

The wedges were the most comfortable, and the black zips the most uncomfortable. I think they are all beautiful, but I know heels will just go towards the back of my wardrobe, because I am already nearly 6ft tall without them!

Which is your favorite pair?

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Neutral Shoes

These shoes are gorgeous, and neutrals go with everything too.

Givenchy Lace Front Platforms

Burberry Prorsum Patent-Leather Shoe Boots

Marni Patent Woven Platform Sandals

Stella McCartney Mesh Basket Sandals

These are all found on www.net-a-porter.com . I love that site! Yes its all designer, and expensive. But its also very very beautiful :)

Monday, 8 June 2009

Street Chic

I love love love love watching these...

Having a great day so far. Had a superbly early night, and woke up pretty late too. Awesome. I feel rested and ready for the day. Got loads to do today, prepping for some kids drama and then actually running the club. Woah.

I have been watching Elle's Street Chic Episodes all morning, as well as some of my other favorite youtube channels. I love these episodes for spying real wearable fashion style.

Hope you are all having a great day!

Saturday, 6 June 2009

danny roberts tshirt

oh my word. if you haven't heard of this superbly talented artist, you have now...danny roberts is such an amazing artist. his portraits are phenomenal. check out his blog igor and andre for loads of pictures, and to buy prints. and you can now wear his prints, by buying this amazing tshirt from his store (thats £25 worth of pure beauty)

he's done a whole series of fashion blogger portraits, which are stunning too

he's done portraits of beautiful magazine covers too...