Wednesday, 21 October 2009

new hair cut

I got my hair cut!!!!!
I absolutely love love love it! It is so much more edgy than what I had before, or at least that's what I think anyway. Last time I had it cut short, I didn't have my straighteners or any mousse, so it was a frizzy mess...not good. It's a blunt cut, so it looks really vintage and 30s, and looks amazing with hats :)
I'm heading off to Devon/Cornwall for a week away, which will be nice and relaxing even if it rains. which it almost guaranteed will for at least 50% of the time. But no matter, because I have a ton of books to get through including Sense and Sensibility and The Unbearable Lightness of Being. Hardcore, but hopefully very readable.
I've packed so many long-sleeved tops its unreal, I have given up on packing properly given just how many times I've packed recently. on the way to devon we're stopping by with my auntie/uncle/cousins for a little while who live near bath. so hopefully i'll get some good shopping in, or at least some amazing photos.
i've still got a lot of new clothes to show you all....and i made a dress yesterday to go with my new hair.
talk to you all in a week or so :)

current loves...

what i wish was in my wardrobe

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

handmade love love

i told you that this was acoming. i have been meaning to make something with my sewing machine for ages now, and i had this skirt idea for a couple of weeks since i bought a similar skirt in urban outfitters.

i went to Fabricland to get some similar fabric, and i found some that was almost identical. the trick with this skirt is to use fabric with loads of stretch to it, then it pretty much can't go wrong (although stretchy fabric does present some interesting stitching problems, hmm)

literally, get your fabric, make two pieces, one for the front, and one for the back. cut a slightly curved line around the edge. sew them together, back to front, so the stitch disappears when you turn it inside out. check that it goes in and out in all the right places. you could make this as a high-waisted skirt really easily, just change the curve to fit your waist rather than your hips

get some thick elastic for the waistband and cut it to the right length, with a little left over to fold and sew under. then sew it onto the skirt, and stitch together the band join with a zigzag stitch.

then sew up the hemline to wherever you want it. It's such an easy skirt to make...i'm blatantly making more and more. and more!

i hope you have a go, it took me a couple of hours :)

ps. in my hand i'm holding some truffles i made in a workshop...check out my food blog for more info at Not Just Apples.

Friday, 16 October 2009

ebay purchases

I have been talking to a few people in the last week about eBay; and opinions have varied.

The more savvy, stylish people are happy to have seen some good purchases, the people who are trendy highstreet shoppers are genuinely surprised and jealous of such awesome finds, and then the people who dislike shopping are horrified I would ever buy any clothes on eBay. "They sell clothes on ebay?" to which I reply, "Yes, of course, about 60,000 dresses at any one time." And that's in only my size...

anyway, i wanted to share my purchasing joy with you. so here they are:

All in all, I am a happy bunny.

People have often wondered how I manage to get nice things from ebay. And the answer to that is: I buy things I know will suit me. I buy items from stores I know will fit me. I buy things that will timelessly fit into my wardrobe. And last but not least, I spend HOURS AND HOURS on ebay trawling through the rubbish items.

i look for specific items too. like i'll type in dress, but then sort it by size, stores, country, fabric, etc. but some of the best purchases have been things that were labeled badly, like just "dress 10" or simply "shoes".

i've worn the tea dress almost every day since I got it on Tuesday :) i'm wearing it right now actually. and the thing's a Primark dress, but it feels gorgeous and fits perfectly. the i am going to head out with my 1950s style tea dress, my leather topshop black boots, a cream cardigan and my new faux fur gilet (i thought the best way to nod to the trend was with a simple bodywarmer)

and all that for £83.88!!!!!

just make sure to cut yourself off whilst the going is good.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

british vogue love

wowee, this month's vogue came in the post the other day, and how perfect that it should be an issue about affordable clothing :) november 2009 british vogue is gorgeous, with loads of helpful articles, and almost everything in the issue is within financial grasp (i say almost, because vogue's idea of affordable means that its not 4 or 5 figures, but it is still 3)

anyway, i thought i'd give you guys a sneak peek, and tell you to go out and get it!!!!!!!!!!!

the photos are backwards from the order in the magazine, but for some reason, the picture downloads won't work properly (grrr)

there's a photoshoot made out of household items...this is a tea-towel corset made by William Tempest. the detail blows my mind.

there's a whole section devoted to street style, which is amazing, as i think that's what blogs are really all about, aren't they?

there's a directory of places to go to get the Dash Cash look...the best charity shops and vintage places, night classes and haberdashery. AMAZING!

The final photoshoot is the gorgeous Caroline Trentini posing in the ultimate classic fashion staples, that have been updated for the season. and of course everything in the shoot is accessible and affordable, yippee!

as if you don't already want to go out and buy it, the first article is about taking old vogue patterns and making them into something up-to-date and wearable. oh my word.

oh and ms jagger has been interviewed for the issue too, what an inspiration.

the past few copies of vogue have been a disappointment, but this has totally renewed my faith. i actually have read every single word and article, and just love love love it.

ps. keep your eye out for my latest ebay finds, and a skirt that i made myself!

Thursday, 8 October 2009

ebay is evil, ebay is awesome

oh my word, i've gone totally ebay crazy. its not good. its really not good. it's definitely not good for my bank account. it all started when i got my iphone a few weeks ago and realised that it had an ebay application. i started playing with it, and the rest is history. they make it so easy for you to buy stuff!

i've actually bought in the last week...
- one belt - a great purchase, as long as it fits
- 3 dresses - one red, one khaki, one floral (2 topshop, 1 zara)
- one smart top - it's from topshop, it arrived in the post yesterday, and it fits!
- one coat - it had some dodgy shoulder pads, but once i got them out, i think i'll be wearing this coat all through the winter! it's vintage and navy blue. perfection.
- 2 pairs of boots - one pair didn't fit, so i'm reselling them back on ebay, and the other's i wore today...they're grey topshop ankle boots, and i love them, even if they hurt my feet today :)

and i'm bidding for another 6 items, and watching 18 others. i've lost out a few times, but that's all part of the "fun"

i actually am addicted. i know its not good at all. but i CANNOT stop. i actually can't. i need to delete the app from my's the only way.

ps. i'll show you what i bought as soon as it all arrives in the post, and this madness stops.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

for the love of chanel

The Chanel Show Spring Summer 2010, Paris, watch it on Youtube...the models come out of a giant haystack, with gold twigs in their hay, Lily Allen comes out of the ground to sing, and there's a little model mayhem in the hay:

i saw this yesterday on my phone, and i had to stop everything i was doing to watch it (twice!). what an amazing show! they are always spectacular but i never thought i would want to wear every piece in his show...but literally EVERYTHING in this show is amazing. here's some of my favorites, thanks to

this show makes me want to:
- draw little chains on myself with eyeliner
- paint my nails with OPI's 'You Don't Know Jacques!'
- wear tweed all winter
- find a pattern so I can attempt to recreate a Chanel jacket, given there's no way I'll ever be able to afford one in the short term...
- buy and wear some amazing tights
- drape black lace on everything
- learn the art of the elegant messy bun
- pile matching bracelets on my wrists
- dye my hair blonde
- get black ribbon and attach it to all my clothes

Friday, 2 October 2009

the queens wardrobe

i've recently been watching a whole bunch of 'fashion movies', and yesterday I watched The Duchess. It's a really great quality movie, with superb acting, costumes, set and script. The only thing is just how depressing the story actually's not one of those movies that I'd want to watch to chill out on a Friday night, or to put me in a good mood.

the fashion in it is absolutely amazing, and the hair is insane! so i would 100% recommend it for that :) just don't expect to finish it and feel good about the world.

anyway, i've recently fallen in love with the Queen's Wardrobe, which is an online fashion store, with a whole load of interesting pieces. And more importantly, they ship to the UK! here's some of my favorites: