Friday, 10 December 2010

fashion is subjective.

first a definition of the word 'subjective':
belonging to, proceeding from, or relating to the mind of the thinking subject and not the nature of the object being considered

the thing about fashion is that - it is what YOU make it. you can't and should not criticise other people, because their fashion is their own, and therefore when you criticise their fashion choices, you criticise them too. fashion is incredibly personally, after all it is an extension of yourself.

the point of the wonderful online fashion world, is that there are many different people expressing many different views, and it is our job to read and enjoy them, and take little bits of inspiration from everywhere to create our own look.

with that in mind, i have created a couple of videos about my favorite blogs out there, and thought you all ought to know! the first was created summer 2009, and the second was autumn 2010...i hope to keep creating this sort of video, to let everyone know about the wonderful inspiring blogs out there ♥

and i've probably mentioned this before, but there's a wonderful Q+A section on Fashion Questions with interviews from some awesome fashion bloggers - a great place to find new people to watch...

Monday, 15 November 2010

the outcome

so after many many hours, i have finally completed my scarf! and it's received a ton of compliments already and has kept my neck very warm ♥

i'm already starting on a couple of these for Christmas presents...

Monday, 9 August 2010

the obsession continues

back last november i posted about my love for the brand toast and although i still don't actually own anything from their collection, i remain an avid admirer of it. and hope with all my heart that one day i won't see it as too expensive (although they did have a huge archive sale recently, which was affordable - although hardly anything to be found in my size, congrats to Topshop who figured that searching by size in a sale was much more pleasurable - i had spent all of my clothes budget in Paris!)

well, i receive the toast updates, which arrive in my inbox about once a week (i highly recommend these, as they'll alert you of the sales and new collections in good time)...and this week i received one about their new video that highlights their autumn / winter 2010 line. and oh my word, it's so beautiful. keep your eyes peeled for the red legwarmers and cream jumper combo in the snow - it's such perfect winter wear: cosy, fitted, muted deep colours, messy blonde hair pinned to one side - undone elegance and just proper british glamour in the most perfect way...

and so the obsession continues - maybe next year i'll save up for one of their amazing coats or a paid of ochre drop earrings, or a shirtdress, or maybe some of their jam!

Saturday, 19 June 2010

outfit of the day #2

hello lovely readers! here's my second outfit of the day video, i hope you like it...

and did it rain? no. it just threatened the whole day through, now that's proper english weather!

Monday, 14 June 2010

outfit of the day #1

yes, i've started doing ootd videos. i thought it would be really fun, and a great way to get a little more creative with my outfits! so far so good, but i'd love your input - are there specific outfits you'd like to see, say for a particular occasion or event? or have you got any style questions you want answered, or a specific item or accessory you'd like to see me style up?

Friday, 4 June 2010

a question of individuality and style

firstly, sorry for the huge lack of posting lately, and i hope that this post goes someway to explaining why that's the case...but also i've been on and off ill for the last couple of months - rubbish, but i think i'm past it now.

this was going to be a bit of a rambly post, but i really dislike reading those on other blogs cos they kinda get me down, and where's the fun in that? suffice it to say that i'm in a total style rut. i figure style is about confidence and experimentation, neither of which i've ever been particularly brilliant at - i'm more the shy and safe kind of person.

however there is a little fashion rebel inside of me...i just know there is. the kind who wants to get a tattoo, wear red lipstick and wear heels every day.

i think style is a constant process of re-invention and experimentation, fashion allows you to be a different person every day and try on different personas to see which one(s) is really you. but somewhere along the line, my clothes got boring, and the combinations with them.

how does one try to crawl out of a rut? well...
  • firstly i will keep paying attention to you lovely bloggers, and maybe even try to recreate some of the looks from my favorite blogs, just to see how i feel
  • only buy things that are interesting and unique (shopping trip to Paris in July should help with this!) - and more vintage shopping is blatantly a great way to do this too!
  • try not to focus too much on trends, but instead search for lasting elegant style, or at least something that is different from other people
  • show off my favorite features - legs and shoulders will be the centre of attention for outfits and new purchases to come
  • try to find some statement accessories - i would love lots of big earrings. and a few pairs of actually interesting and wearable shoes.
  • get some awesome hair...i am in the process of regaining my natural colour, as it's now gone a very dodgy shade of orangey, blondey, brown. and i can't seem to do many things to my hair either now it's short. oh, how i wish for long hair i can side braid and look completely carefree with.
  • feel good by finishing my to do list and accomplishing more of my goals - that way if i'm happier, then in theory i'll want to spend more time.
  • realise it's not about the money. i don't need to spend lots of money to look really good, it's more about actually spending time putting outfits together, and creating custom pieces.
  • keep watching my favorite fashion films (see this video) repeatedly, and write down what makes their style so awesome so i can incorporate that into my own real life (i have bought Aeon Flux and Roman Holiday recently which i can't wait to see)
  • take advice from helpful people - have you ever been in a style rut? what things do you think are important to remember when putting an outfit together?

Thursday, 4 February 2010

i've been thrifting...have you?

sorry it's been ages since i posted on this blog. that's pretty bad of me. and my excuse is just busy-ness, and lack of anything interesting to write about. i started a new job on monday, and on wednesday too (a different one though!)...i seem to be doing a little bit of everything nowadays, which i like ♥

last saturday i went to see my cousin and have a girly day with her, and it turned out to be awesome fun! we went thrifting in a little village and found a couple of items. i got a teal dress with a beautiful neckline - which i'm sure you'll see in the next couple of posts - and my cousin got a french connection monochrome tweed-ish jacket (both from the £3.95 rail). but more excitingly, on that same rail was this calvin klein denim jacket!!

we could not decide who should have the jacket, and so we came up with the conclusion that we should become the 'cousinhood of the travelling jacket' and share it between ourselves. our rules are simply that when one of us goes to visit the other, the jacket should swap ownership. i don't know how long this'll last before it ends up in just one person's wardrobe, but for now, i get to take care of it, and wear it!!

it's a small, but a ck denim small is still quite we'll be sporting the oversized look until i can be bothered to attempt to take it in - although i kinda like that its oversized right now.

i'm so thankful to have finally found a great place to find some bargains. and am totally up for doing another £5 challenge with my cousin in the not-too-distant future!

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

future favorites

ok, so you all know about my favorite runway of the season, Chanel, which just blows my mind, and makes me want go to Fabric Land right now and get metres of trimmings, as well as dye my hair blonde.
but of course there were others that caught my attention, so if you haven't looked at any runway videos or pictures yet, these ought to definitely be on your list ♥:
  • 3.1 Phillip Lim - oh the shoes...
  • Alexander Wang - we all know that the braid or plait as we know it in the uk will be everywhere this summer
  • Anna Sui - i must learn from the mistress of prints and patterns, perhaps i can take a course in not being afraid of mixing 101
  • Badgley Mischka - classic, with a twist, and lots of cream = divine
  • Carolina Herrera - pure elegance. and the hair was AMAZING!
  • Erdem - the trend leader for this season it would seem, loads of lace and florals on the runway
  • Isabel Marant - the styling was amazing, it was a version of formal casual that i kinda love
  • Karen Walker - ruffles, red, stripes, leather waist belts and totally vintage style
  • Luella - the black, faint floral print, short sleeved tea dress was just stunning
  • Marc by Marc Jacobs - blue and red are THE colours of the season, mixed up in all sorts of ways
  • Moschino Cheap & Chic - amazing 60s styles and awesome prints in general
  • Oscar de la Renta - really 'proper' but amazingly on trend and elegant
  • Ralph Lauren - if you love vintage, then...oh my word.
  • Roberto Cavalli - floral and chiffon was very pretty pretty, but the models on the runway looked really mad - i like the contrast
  • Rochas - vintage style and vintage colours too - navy blue, ochre, mustard, tan, and the little hats were very Chanel's first-ever-creations inspired
  • RM by Roland Mouret - potentially my absolute 100% favorite of the season next to chanel, it blew my mind, the colors, the cuts and the artistry, WOW
  • Sonia Rykiel - i want to join in on the amazing 80s party with tons of glitter and big belted cardigans
  • Tory Burch - simple, easy to wear day look that i want to copy entirely
  • Twenty8Twelve - wearable rock chic, the coral stripey pieces were gorgeous
as for trends of 2010...i am definitely thinking that it'll be floral, lace, nudes, shorts and vintage style that will rock the realway. i'm already on ebay searching for bargain to kit out my wardrobe for this season! oh dear, here i go again...and i'm off to london on saturday, so i'll definitely be hitting anthropologie sales racks to see if there's anything left on them. i hope there will be.

Monday, 11 January 2010

26 dresses

thanks so much for the amazing response to the last post about my favorite bloggers of the moment, i love when you guys leave messages, and I am super happy to share some of my new inspiration with you all. hopefully i'll get to doing posts like this regularly throughout the year as I'm always on the search for new inspiration, and blogs are most definitely the place for that!

so, on Saturday as well as buying a new coat for my sister in law in Laura Ashley - who always have an amazing sale with loads of vintage style - and going fabric shopping in my local town, i did a massive wardrobe overhaul. it was intense. but entirely necessary.

so saturday morning, i took everything out of my wardrobe and walloped it onto my living room sofa, got my mum to sit down with some very important homemade signs, 'take', 'toss' and 'get creative', and started to go through item by item.

it's an incredibly freeing process, but the sad thing is that most of what got thrown out was stuff that is super colorful, which is what i've had for the longest, what i wear most of the time and what gets dirty the quickest too. the sad thing is that the black bin bag ended up being filled with a beautiful rainbow assortment of colours, and my wardrobe is left helplessly dark in colour. so, straight onto ebay and topshop to get loads more basics to inject back color to my wardrobe.

the other thing is that the pile of get creative stuff is really big, and full of lots of brown things i'd like to dye dark purple or navy - which is far more interesting - and lots of things that are slightly broken or need a little hemming or adjusting.

there is a pretty large pile of things for charity too, just things i've not worn more than once, and a lot of things that never really fitted me properly.

anyway, i learnt a lot from the process:
  • that i should never buy something if it doesn't fit properly, i won't wear it, no matter how much i think i will
  • that i love coral, almost everything that i had worn to death was in that color, and now there's hardly anything coral left in my wardrobe (tear)
  • i love half length sleeves. again, so much of the stuff i had to throw out due to wear and tear had half length sleeves, and most were cardigans too. i think i must like them.
  • i reckon i'm pattern phobic, there was hardly any pattern in my wardrobe. this must be a sign that i need to get more creative and be a little braver; or perhaps i'm destined to wear simple block colours for the rest of my life...boring?
  • that last year's resolution to buy more dresses ended pretty well, with at least 26 dresses in my wardrobe, which is a pretty good percentage
  • that i don't wear exciting tops that often. there's still plenty of tops that don't get a lot of wear, that i've had for ages. i'm not sure why? i guess i just wear ribbed tanks all year round for layering, and it doesn't get much more exciting than that. i always swore i'd be a dresses person anyway.
  • i've got more jackets than i thought. awesome ♥
  • that i have no interesting tights or leggings - i guess when i'm limited on money i tend to buy boring, staple items, in sensible colors, which would now explain why i have several pairs of black leggings and a gazillion items in dark grey. i must must must try to be more creative, even though i have negative money.
  • that going through my wardrobe is a fantastic process, that i should definitely do at least twice a year, so i can focus my shopping correctly and sensibly
and here are my 12 tips for clearing out your closet, which i've done a yt video for as well, here:

 - 1. Do your clearout in December or June, before the sales.
 - 2. Do it in the morning, after a good breakfast. That way you have enough energy to go through all your items, and you can see them in good light.
 - 3. Have someone else there whose opinion you trust. Someone who sees fit rather than trend preferably.
 - 4. Get some awesome music on in the background, to keep the atmosphere fun and upbeat.
 - 5. Take time to have a snack and a cup of tea. Keep hydrated and energised as it can be quite draining.
 - 6. Make some excellent Toss/Take/Create signs, so it’s more fun.
 - 7. Go through each item individually and work out when you last wore it. If you haven’t worn it in a while, why not? Is it the colour, fit or style? Try it on.
 - 8. Be honest. If you love the style but it doesn’t fit right, give it to charity and find one that fits beautifully.
 - 9. Have a creative pile for things that need adjusting, dying, re-hemming or re-purposing.
 - 10. Write down a list of things you’ve thrown out from over-wear, that you want to replace, and then write a list of things you think would make your wardrobe more versatile.
 - 11. Have a full-length mirror close by so that you can see exactly what you look like in your clothes.
 - 12. Start with things that are on hangers, as these are often the hardest to decide on, the least worn and the most complicated to get in and out of.

Saturday, 2 January 2010

blog inspiration

i'm constantly inspired by all of you, i really really am, so as a beginning to the new year, i'm gonna share with you all some of my new found favorites (including a lot of vintage bloggers)!

1. strawberry koi 2. sleepy fawn 3. liebemarlene 4. vixen vintage 5. leproust 6. sally jane vintage
7. the velvet bird 8. the little deer 9. the vintage society 10. lay me in some tall grass 11. pearls in your hair 12. left hand endeavour 13. lulu letty 14. sacaton june 15. smile because it happened
16. the snail and the cyclops

Friday, 1 January 2010

here's one i made earlier

i made these two dresses yesterday, i suppose my last creative burst in 2009, and i’ve definitely wanted to make these two for ages now. the first is a old long-line tshirt cut short and a skirt added with pockets too, and the second is an old dress, which i only ever wore as a skirt (i wore it when i went to stourhead), turned into a dress by making a strapless tank top from some black tshirting.

i think i like the second one better, but i’ll blatantly wear both loads all year round. i’m looking forward to making lots more stuff this year, given that my first 2010 resolution is to make more of my own clothes. if you’ve got any secret sewing tips or hand stitching ideas, let me know. i’ve got a couple more items to repurpose in a similar way, including a 90’s floral dress, and a pretty green top, which will both end up as dresses i’m sure. perhaps tomorrow!?!

i’ll be sharing some of my fantastic blog inspiration shortly with you all…look out for it!

ps. i’ve been wearing my leather boots from the first picture loads lately, and when i went to the cinema to see 3D Avatar (which is AMAZING by the way) on Wednesday the two girls in front of me were also wearing similar ones! anyways, i still ♥♥♥ them.

happy new year!

hello to all of my wonderful readers! i hope you’re as excited about this new year as i am…2010 is blatantly going to be amazing right?

i love the amazing hope that lies on this day. it’s so wonderfully filled with possibilities, and things you could do. i definitely feel like this decade is going to require me to be a bit braver and step out of my comfort zone (difficult but possible) so that i can achieve all that’s out there for me to do.

so, i thought i’d share my new year’s resolutions/goals with you, so you can all hold me to them, and i feel accountable to someone. i make loads of business related goals too, though i won’t share these with you (it’s the wonder of being self-employed)

  • make more of my own clothes
  • pay off credit card
  • read 6 classic books
  • make at least 1 YouTube video every week
  • have flowers in the house at all times
  • learn to paint
  • get a puppy

well, i think these are all fairly do-able (i achieved all of my goals last year!!). i’ve already started on some of these things, like my own YouTube channel and i’m in the middle of Pride and Prejudice too, and yesterday i made not one, but TWO dresses out of old fabric and old clothes. i’ll show you them soon. mum bought a new camera  in the sales as well, so i can definitely keep up with creating more outfit posts, hopefully, and of a better quality.

anyway, i spent last night with some friends watching Jools Holland’s Hootenanny, which had Dizzee, Florence, Paloma and Tom Jones on it. fantastic. it’s really funny too.

like i say, i really hope that you all fell pretty happy and excited for this next year, and the next decade – the teenies! HAPPY NEW YEAR!